PDMMC, Amravati

Department of Ophthalmology

Objectives :-

  1. The goal of teaching Ophthalmology is to provide comprehensive knowledge of the diseases of eye.

  2. To give good vision to the patients at affordable cost.

  3. To play vital role in community Ophthalmology.

Salient features (1) Section /divisions/branches :-

  1. O.P.D

  2. O.T.

  3. Ward

  4. Specialty clinics

Infrastructure :-

OPD Equipped with :- Ophthalmoscope (Direct), Streak Retinoscope, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Slit lamp, Applanation Tonometer, Non Contact Tonometer. Autorefractokeratometer, Synoptophore, A Scan with pachymeter, Nd : YAG Laser, Automated perimeter, +90 D Lens, Prism Bar, Schiotz’s tonometer, Gonioscope.
O.T. Equipped with :- Phaco machine, Operating Microscope and O.T. Table.