PDMMC, Amravati

Department of Anesthesiology


1) Basic aim is of teaching UG & PG with maximum available potentials.

2) To provide society with services at optimum cost.

3) To give warm, tender , loving care to patients & guidance to students, so that they can nurture the society accordingly.

4) To perform CPCR with available resources

5) Set up IV infusions

6) I Year Residents :– Assisting during minor & major anaesthesia procedures and managing patients in recovery or intensive care areas (all Under Supervision)

7) II Year Residents :– Assisting during minor & major procedures under anaesthesia, managing patients in recovery or intensive care areas and Independently conducting minor procedures under anesthesia (GA/RA) for ASA grade I or II patients (excluding expected difficult airway cases and cases with expected major body fluid


- Laparoscope, Cystoscope, Gastroscopy - is available with surgery department of procedure are carried out regularly.

- General & Regional Anaesthesia - All types of General Anaesthesia & Regional Anaesthesia including regional blocks is administered.

- Recovery room facility - There are total 16 beds in the recovery rooms. Recovery room is well equipped with central suction, Oxygen & facility for monitoring &ventillation is available.

- Working Hours - 9 am to 2pm

- 24hours emergency services - Yes

- Anaesthesia for all types of surgeries - All types of surgery General surgery ,with laparoscopic surgery and Urosurgery, Orthopedic surgerical procedures with arthroscopy & hip & knee replacement, all obstetric & Gynecological Procedures, all types of ophthalmic & E.N.T surgery are performed regularly.
Surgeries under smile train project are also performed regularly.

- Central oxygen + Nitrous oxide + suction - All the O.T.s have central O2, N2o & suction facilities.

- Full time well qualified and experienced staff - Dept. of Anaesthesiology have got well qualified & experienced staff & it also has got M.D. course in Anaesthesiology

- Mannequins for teaching - for the BLS & ACLS training of students & nurses dept. has got manikins.
Mannequin for

  1. BLS (Basic Life Support)

  2. ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

  3. Pediatric Resuscitation.

  4. Teaching Intubation (Larynx & Lungs)